Web Application Development

The possibilities of the web change almost daily.

To take full advantage you need to make a serious commitment to your web presence—the same commitment you would put into building a new retail store or hiring a top-level executive


Strategic Thinking

The hardest part of the effort happens up front—long before the programming starts.

The challenge? To define exactly what a website application should do and how it will fit with your business. Effective site development/updates demand strategic thinking and marketing expertise as well as design and programming skills.

Strategic Planning

We start by exploring your larger objectives and developing a strategic plan that leverages your existing web assets to meet your current business requirements; only after that do we start the design and programming.

Our goal is to leverage the best technology to deliver outcomes that will grow your business.

The Process:

We provide the information you need to make informed decisions and help you avoid bells and whistles that won’t make a difference. (When was the last time you liked a website that had music in the background?)

We’ll guide you in making choices that will maximize your web investment and achieve your business goals.

Comprehensive Services:

Strategic Direct coordinates and manages the entire application planning and development of the project.

Review the business information you’ll need and want from your web application and recommend the structure that takes into account platforms, hosting, programming language, user experience, content management systems, e-commerce solutions, site security and privacy, SEO, integrated marketing and email communications. We develop applications that adhere to best practices and are designed for day-to-day management by the client.
Review your established branding and positioning and provide compelling design options that respect those decisions and apply them appropriately to the web environment.
Optimize the site for organic search engines and create paid search campaigns if appropriate.

Our Commitment

Building a comprehensive web application is like building a house, there are inevitably revisions and changes that occur within the process.

When we provide the Scope of Work (SOW) for a project it includes a “Low” and a “Will Not Exceed” budget estimate. This allows clients to understand the process, and know that a minor revision can be accommodated in the budget.  If a major revision is requested/required, a written approval is required and an update to the overall SOW is provided.

Our goal and commitment is to deliver your project on budget and on time.


Future Proofing

As your business grows and technology evolves, we will be there to make sure your web presence continues to enhance and support your business objectives.