Our Projects

Collectively the deliverables to our clients have included all marketing disciplines and all facets of project execution.


TechScholar identified an unmet market demand for high quality product training for sales reps. Strategic Direct developed an application allowing TechScholar to create and administer an ever-growing library of custom-developed Product Training Modules. Training modules are available to registered members of specific “campuses.”

A quiz at conclusion allows documentation of completion and comprehension. The application tracks participation and quiz scores, and generates management reports.

The Ergotech Group

Ergotech markets innovative LCD mounting systems for multiple LCD screen monitor arrays (such as those used by financial trading desks, law enforcement and security system monitoring, etc).

The company needed a new website to would allow easy management and cross-referencing of its extensive list of models and parts.

Strategic Direct created a customized content management system (CMS) that includes images, descriptions and cross-indexing of every model and part which makes it easy for the client to manage, update, and add new parts and content to the site.

We developed a database that maintains all “connections” between new and existing components, so that when a website user selects a part or model all appropriate complimentary parts and models are indicated.

Archive Data Solutions (ADS)

ADS is a TechScholar client focused on sales and services to data centers. Strategic Direct created a web application for this client that handles all aspects of reporting and fulfillment for sales incentive payments to sales representatives.

Once incentives are entered in the system, incentives and payments are itemized in a credit card-like online statement for each representative. The application reports the payment balance to ADS’ debit card issuing vendor, which credits the incentives to reload the representative’s personal debit card.

At the client’s request, the application was built to automatically credit incentive payments for completion of TechScholar training modules to the representatives as the modules were completed. The application also includes complete audit trail functionality.

Fujifilm PerformAwards)

Strategic Direct created a traditional catalog delivered sales incentive program for Fujifilm in 1999. Five years later, we converted it into a web-based application serving an audience of over 1,200 sales reps and delivering over $2MM of incentives and awards annually.

The customized application accrued and tracked points for each sales rep, provided a wide range of merchandise, gift card and debit card award options and included a shopping cart for ordering and delivery.

This flexible and highly responsive promotion application included a content management system allowing for rapid implementation of special promotional offers and incentives to the sales force. Key promotional offers could be launched (Ex: double points for a specified period) and quickly communicated in order to respond to competitor initiatives. The application also calculated and tabulated all points as they were earned and “spent”.

Strategic Direct

Delivering effective, integrated marketing and web development solutions for medium and enterprise clients.

How We Work

Small Business Sites

Strategic Direct designs, develops and maintains a roster of websites for small to medium businesses.

Jan Allen Reiner, Esq.
Mr. Reiner owns and manages a highly regarded, 30+ year old immigration law practice in the highly competitive New York City market. The web presence designed by Strategic Direct includes an outbound email / newsletter component, a specially programmed web-based consultation option for overseas clients and a content management system that allows the legal staff (technology novices) to manage the site.
257 Sculpture
Sculpture site for William Breslow
Simon Says Tutoring
Simon Says

Traditional Marketing Projects

Most of our traditional marketing projects have been covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements which restrict publication of project details.  The logos on this page represent clients who have benefited from work by Strategic Direct and our team members over the years.

Detailed project descriptions and references are available upon request and in a personal presentation.