Listening is the most important part of our process. We want to know every facet of the marketing challenge you face. We’ll ask you questions and question your answers.

Project Development & Execution

No matter what project we take on, we manage it completely, take full responsibility for all deliverables and deliver them turn-key, on-time and on-budget.

We go beyond strategy, taking ownership of our recommendations and implementing them at the tactical level. If there’s something you need to meet a marketing challenge, we can get it done.

We are committed to the integrity of our services, clear customer service communication, fair pricing and accurate billing.


Creating marketing partnerships and joint promotion programs

Developing strategically relevant websites and web applications

Building web applications for staff training

Designing traditional sales promotions

Supporting these with a full range of marketing elements


Project Development

We revel in starting the solution process by cross-pollinating ideas between different product categories and promotion tactics.

Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Some of our most effective work has included:

  • Applying a consumer package goods marketing technique to  bedding and mattresses.
  • Using an approach from children’s toys to launch a sales incentive program
  • Using stealth marketing announcements to sales reps, to keep sales incentive program awareness at the highest possible levels.

Strategic Direct projects typically are either:

  • Tactical and Effective:  A straightforward solution easily developed within a defined budget.
  • Strategic and Game Changing: A broader solution involving a menu of tactics that can be woven into a strategic plan based on client approval and budget availability.

Together, we move from challenge to project definition. Either way the client knows upfront what the objectives, strategy and tactics are, what the project will cost (budget parameters and budgeting options) and what results are expected.


Project Execution

Once the plan is approved, we execute with all the resources you’d expect from a large agency, but with a small agency’s attention to detail.

Using the digital resources available in a “flat world” we deliver every component your project requires, with the highest level of professional expertise:

  • Exciting and effective design
  • Compelling copy
  • Marketing solutions that address complex needs but are easy to use
  • Technologically challenging but affordable web applications
  • Applications created in open source code so clients retain content control.
  • PR programs that get you noticed
  • Other marketing disciplines and services, as needed

If we don’t think we can provide the absolute best resources or deliverable, we will tell you so and help you source a vendor who can.

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